Excite the senses

There’s nothing more appealing than a visual feast of Australia’s natural beauty. And when your guests are enticed and enlightened by beautiful, exciting images, their stay with you will be so much more memorable.

After years of experience with Queensland tourism, image styling and photography, our aim is to make the shift to a far better visual appeal as pain-free as possible for you.

We’ll work up a selection of proposed images, we feel will best suit your property, and work with you through the process to make the most suitable selection from our extensive library possible.

It’s time to freshen up

  • Our Styling Service is a simple, free, no fuss Limited Edition photographic wall art service
  • We take a professional approach to styling your property
  • Our detailed proposal is prepared and submitted before committing to the expense of printing the full size imagery
  • With an extensive range of high quality, local imagery available, the finished Limited Edition Photographic Wall Art presentation will be extremely appealing to your guests
  • Range of printing and framing finishes (straight canvas, floating frame, acrylic etc) available to best suit your decor
  • All finished products are delivered to your door, ready to hang
  • Printed in high quality UV inks that will last for decades, that clean up simply with a damp cloth

Enhance the appeal of your property

Bringing a fresh new look to your property is far more appealing when using images that are intrinsic to your area. Local beaches, local marine life, local landscapes and local places of interest all make the guest experience far more memorable when they’re seeing images from the local area.

Our extensive library of images includes some beautiful renditions of some of the area’s most beautiful places.

While we’re working, primarily, with Holiday Homes, we can still assist with your home or business to give you a unique feel and appearance.

Professional proposal

We will review each room in your property and then prepare a unique and customised proposal offering you a selection of imagery that we feel best suits the character and charm of your property. This includes offering a selection of images that enhance the natural colours and features of your property.

The outcome will see your property come to life with vibrant, unique and localised, Limited Edition Photographic Wall Art.

Click here to download a Sample Proposal

Extensive Library

Our library of Limited Edition Wall Art has grown over many years and is constantly being upgraded and replenished. We spend a great deal of time travelling, visiting new and exciting places and we’re never far away from a camera and drone.

If you’re looking for a small selection of images, get in touch and we can work with you to hand pick images to suit your needs.

Simple, professional and effective

We work with you as much or as little as you like.

Initially, we will discuss the project with you and together we will develop a brief – how you would like to see your property look with a collection of our imagery.

We will then prepare our concise and detailed visual proposal for your consideration – you’ll see the images on your walls before we commit to printing the full size Limited Edition Photographic Wall Art.

Together we will then finalise the selection before custom processing the imagery to fit perfectly with your decor.

It’s a simple, no fuss, process that you’ll find a pleasure to undertake and the outcome will be outstanding.

Delivered ready to hang

Once the final images have been processed, printed and framed, all images are delivered to your door (at no extra charge), ready to hang.

They will last for years and are durable, printed with UV inks and clean up simply with a damp cloth.


Get in touch

We’re here to help you bring your property to life with a simple, no fuss solution to refreshing your property.

Now it’s time to get in touch.

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You’re dealing with professionals

Boyd has spent decades in the corporate advertising, creative and marketing professions specialising in both tourism and property. He knows a lot about what makes people tick and what appeals to them, bringing great insights into enhancing the visual appeal of your property.

Andi has owned and run hotels in Europe and has spent many years as a photographer giving her a great eye for detail and presentation.

You’ll find comfort in knowing that all of the images in our library have been shot by either Boyd or Andi in their travels and you’re purchasing Limited Edition images direct from the photographers.

Together, as a team, Boyd and Andi will prepare the best possible selections for you and your valuable investment. Together they will work with you to deliver not only a quality product, but a professional, no fuss service.


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