Boyd & Andi are, what some would suggest, living the dream. They live aboard a 48′ ketch that they call home and spend their time exploring numerous, often untouched, idyllic, island hideaways.

This lifestyle allows for a life of freedom, travelling to some of the most pristine places on the Queensland Coast and living a somewhat minimalist lifestyle while living with the joys and challenges of the weather which often inspires a creative and soul nourishing lifestyle.

Both from creative backgrounds, with a natural attraction to nature and the great outdoors, they’re daily grind is far from the madding crowds and hustle and bustle of city life.

While life is not always about sailing, the ocean and beaches, Boyd & Andi enjoy travelling. This can be from a trip to Andi’s home in Europe, to a trek into the dusty and remote outback of Australia.

Both fun loving, sometimes mischievous souls, you’ll often find them milking every day for all it’s worth.

As for the name, bandionline.com.au? Well, as cliched as it sounds, it’s just the “portmanteau” (did you know that word?) for Boyd & Andi. In English, it’s just a blend of both our names.

Have an awesome day and we hope you like our imagery.


Boyd Jackson

Boyd is born and bred Australian. Growing up in inner city Sydney, he soon left the big city life for Queensland’s Gold Coast and then several years later, wandered further north to the beachside town of Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays where he has spent most of the past 40 years.

Having owned and operated advertising agencies and design studios for most of his “former” life, Boyd has always had a love of creativity and adventure. Having had offices in the Whitsundays, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, Boyd’s love has always been Queensland.

If you don’t meet Boyd and Andi sailing their beloved “Morningside” up and down the Queensland coast, or sitting on a secluded beach somewhere, you might just find them belting down the highway on their other love, a 1997 Harley Davidson.

Boyd has always believed life is about choices. Where we end up in our lives is made up of the collection of choices that got us there. No longer opting for the corporate life, Boyd and Andi are out to share their adventures with their unique and creative imagery.


Andi Fabian

Far from her native home of Slovakia, Andi is now feeling more and more like an Australian. Spending time on beaches or climbing around the rocky outcrops on Queensland’s islands to “get the shot” is now a normal day in paradise.

Living aboard a sailing boat, after growing up in a landlocked country where temperatures ranged from -25C to 20C, Andi is a long way from home and loving it. Although she misses her family, Australia is home now, a place that abounds in natural beauty and is a feast for the creative eye.

Having always had a zest for travel and adventure, growing up, Andi found every way she could to escape the cold of Eastern Europe and travel the world. Such travels have included throughout Asia, Africa, throughout Europe and, obviously, Australia that she now calls home.

No matter where she has been in her life, a camera has never been far away.

Daily Mercury, Mackay

Here’s a great story published recently by the Daily Mercury, Mackay.

Very proud and very happy to share our story.

Many thanks to Janessa Ekert at the Daily Mercury.

Click  on the link below to see the full story.

Daily Mercury 16-5-2020


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